AND Balances & Scales

AND Balances & Scales

When it comes to the laboratory equipment industry, one of the premier weighing scale brands is A&D. AND produces some of the world's finest quality scales that are known to last the test of time. AND provides one of the industries longest warranty periods backed by the Manufacturer that includes parts and labor. In terms of quality and service, A&D Engineering is paralleled by none. AND Weighing provides an extensive line of balances that includes everything from Microbalances to High Resolution scales.

Accurate and Durable Scales

AND also has some of the industries best and well-known precision balances, highlighted by the A&D FX-3000iN precision balance which offers precise and accurate weighing at an affordable price. Since the manufacturer also excels in the medical field, naturally they provide a line of scales specifically for pharmaceutical companies too! Those are simply just a few line of balances that A&D offers that benefit multiple industries. If you are having difficulty selecting from ANDs large selection of balances and scales or simply interested in learning more about the products and the benefits they can offer your company. Please give us a call today at 702-829-0375 | 818-533-8948 or email us at

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