Jewelry Scale Shopping Guide

Jewelry Scale Shopping Guide

What is a Jewelry Scale?

A jewelry scale is a digital balance tailored to suit the needs of weighing gold, gemstones and precious metals in various increments. Common types of jewelry scales include portable scales, compact balances and precision balances.

Why Is It Important To Weigh Jewelry?

First and foremost, weighing jewelry is an important factor for determining the value of the product. In simple terms, the heavier or larger the jewelry the higher the value it has on the market. At the same time it is required by law, all jewelers are to weigh jewelry on a NTEP Certified Legal-For-Trade Scale when purchasing or distributing products. From a jeweler’s point of view, using an accurate balance ensures your product is being sold at market value and the highest margin for your product is obtained. At the same time, from the customer’s perspective craftsmanship can go a long way in the industry as size and precision of cuts can be a strong indicator of quality and value.

At every level of jewelry production, raw components must be inspected and weighed to ensure the required specifications are met for the finished product. At the end of production, the jeweler always weighs the diamonds or precious metals to get an indication of what the value of their product is worth and what price they will charge. So, it is imperative that the appropriate analytical scales and precision balances with a high degree of accuracy are used during the manufacturing process and at point of sale.

Selecting the Right Jewelry Scale

Choosing the best diamond scale that will meet all of your weighing needs can be difficult. The first thing a jeweler will want to consider is how they intend to use the scale. Secondly, what will be the maximum weight capacity they will require followed by the minimum readability for display. For those in commercial gold business, you will require trade approved gold scales in order to buy or sell gold. Ultimately, if you are looking for the most precise results, then a durable precision or analytical scale will provide the best data. Essentially, the best jewelry manufacturers have been using the highest quality weighing instruments from world-class manufacturers. 

What Criteria Should I look For In Selecting A Jewelry Scale?

Scales for jewelry can be used in a variety of ways. The most common reason for using a jewelry scale is to determine carat weight of gems. One carat is equal to 0.007055 ounces or two (2) grams, and jewelry balances are capable of accurately displaying carats at low gram readabilities. Gram scales and carat scales are important to have at your jeweler’s side to accurately weigh precious metals during jewelry designing, weigh gemstones during jewelry appraisals, and weigh scrap gold that is bought and sold in the jewelry industry.

Modern Digital Jewelry Scales

Thanks to advances in modern technology, Way Up Scales carries a wide range of highly accurate portable balances. Today’s gemstone scales have features to make weighing jewelry and precious metals easy including auto calibration, the tare button or zeroing, and typically weighing units of measure including grams, ounces, OzT, ct, and dtw pennyweight. A very popular weighing application is gold which is weighed on pennyweight or gram scales. Gems are weighed on carat scales. Postage is weighed on avoirdupois scales and pearls are sometimes weighed on a momme scales. The comprehensive Twelve (12) Gemstone and Precious Metals Conversion Chart below is a tool designed to assist diamond and jewelry scale buyers like yourself:



The more expensive your raw materials, the more precise your scale should be. Jewelry scales can be utilized to count beads or other small components of material used to assemble jewelry. World renowned Legal for Trade Jewelry Scale Manufactures include Ohaus, Mettler-Toledo & AND Engineering.

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