Weighing Your Food Using A Kitchen Scale

Weighing Your Food Using A Kitchen Scale

To some, this might seem complex but it can be very easy to overcomplicate things like our health and diet. But if you're going to be successful at dieting, it’s vital to make sure you are weighing your food correctly so that you can properly account for the nutrition that you're consuming. Weighing your food raw is always going to be more accurate. PERIOD.

Why Is Weighing My Food Raw, Better?

The weight of any type of food is largely going to depend on how long you have cooked it for (at the end of the day the more dehydrated your food becomes, the lighter it will be on the kitchen scale). 


As you are choosing an appropriate entry to input into MyFitnessPal (whether you're weighing or calculating you food cooked or raw) stay consistent with weighing entries you select, you will not go wrong using our methods.


Example of MyFitnessPal Using a Food Scale

Screenshot of MyFitnessPal Using a Food Scale

Moving Forward

If you are weighing food on a kitchen scale that is raw, choose an entry for your MyFitnessPal App that is listed as 'raw' weight or a weight you know will factor in that your calculated weight is raw. If you are measuring a food that has already been cooked, choose an entry that is 'cooked' weight or a weight you know will factor in that your calculated weight is cooked. When using the MyFitnessPal App, be sure to scan the barcode of your food. Not only does this reduce the amount of time spent weighing your food on a kitchen scale but there’s also a fairly high chance the nutrition is going to be for whatever form the food is in inside the packaging. For example, the nutritional information on the back of a package of steak would more than likely be for a raw weight. So to ensure you are on track to improving your physique, health, and lifestyle please be sure you are utilizing your food scale accurately.

Food Scale Tip: When Buying a Kitchen Food Scale, always ensure there is a Tare Feature. This feature eliminates the weight of a plate and allows for a more precise way of tracking macronutrients in your diet.  Also, when purchasing a balance confirm there is an auto-shutoff feature to maximize the battery life of your digital scale. The Auto-Shutoff feature allows you to prepare food ingredients while maintaining your scale’s battery life.


If you are not using a kitchen scale to track and account for the food you're feeding your body. You are going to be hard pressed in progressing and seeing the body improvements that you desire. This is why Way Up Scales encourages customers to eat what they want (within reason) but also to control their intakes from macronutrient numbers in accordance with proper nutritional guidelines.

Way Up Scales can help with providing a proper food scale as well information and training to help you reach your fitness goals. Kitchen Food Scales and tracking macronutrients are the future of health and fitness after all.

Hope you're having an awesome Memorial Day Weekend!

At Way Up Scales it’s time for some weekend macros.

Bring on a burger and beer!


Can you have one of those in your regime without feeling guilty or jeopardizing your summer progress?

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