Moisture Analyzer Calibration

Way Up Scales

SKU: Calibration

Having a calibration done to your moisture analyzer ensures your equipment is producing accurate and repeatable results.

Calibration and repair of major brands like A&D, Ohaus, Mettler Toledo, Radwag and Sartorius.

Way Up Scales Moisture Analyzer Calibration Includes Our Eight (8) Step Service Guarantee:

  1. Calibration Certificate Verifying The Scale Is Functioning According To Manufacturer’s Specification
  2. Replacement Of Broken Or Malfunctioning Parts
  3. Inspection of CPU Board and Balance Module
  4. Perform High Temperature Authentication Tests
  5. Execute Balance Verification Tests And Conduct Performance Reliability Tests
  6. Complete Exterior Scrubbing and Interior Cleaning Finished With a Touch Of Polish
  7. Calibrate Scale Module and Temperature Controller
  8. Full Data Report on Calibration (Before & After Service)

Repair and calibration available for the following Moisture Balance Models:


  • Ohaus MB23 Moisture Analyzer 
  • Ohaus MB25 Moisture Analyzer
  • Ohaus MB27 Moisture Analyzer
  • Ohaus MB45 Moisture Analyzer
  • Ohaus MB90 Moisture Analyzer
  • Ohaus MB120 Moisture Analyzer

AND Engineering

  • AND MS70 Moisture Analyzer
  • AND MF50 Moisture Analyzer
  • AND MX50 Moisture Analyzer
  • AND ML50 Moisture Analyzer


Don't want to hassle with shipping your moisture analyzer to laboratory companies and waiting for your moisture balance to safely return. Well, Way Up Scales bring the service to you. Email us at to schedule your in-house calibration service today!