Adam Equipment

Adam Equipment was created in 1972 with a company vision of providing quality weighing instruments and services at affordable prices, offering greater value to its customers. Adam Equipment is an ISO 9001 manufacturer with research and development facilities in the United Kingdom. The organization exceeds international manufacturing standards and regulations. Today the company is still privately owned and operated by Alan Storey, an original founding partner of the organization.

Adam balances and scales are sold throughout the entire world. The company’s products are available through e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, EBay, and other independent dealers who can provide additional application sales and technical support such as Way Up Scales. Adam’s distribution network is maintained by organizations strategically located in various continents such as Europe, North America, Africa, Asia and Australia. All Distribution locations provide technical, warehouse, sales support to their respective customers. Adam Equipment products span a wide variety of industries such as scientific, medical, educational, industrial, manufacturing and retail sectors. Adam Equipment Scales and Moisture Balances provide customers with consistent and accurate results.