Granite Anti Vibration Table (Stainless Steel Construction)


SKU: WX-001-0079

Antivibration table SAL/STONE is designed for ensuring stable operating
conditions in high precision weighing applications. The table top is
manufactured from polished granite based on mild steel. metal
construction. Robust construction of the table along with special vibration
absorbers ensure excellent isolation of measuring instruments from
possible vibrations sourcing from environmental factors. Adjusting the
level is possible with the use of adjusting feet mounted at the base of the

Lead Time: 6-8 Weeks

Size (L×W×H): SAL/STONE: 1000×650×815 mm

Compatible with the following Radwag Units:
• MYA; UYA; XA; AS; PS; WLC; WTC; PM.3Y; PM.X2.A; PM.R series
• PM series (SA/APP table)