Intel-Lab IL-50.01 Touchscreen Moisture Analyzer


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A highly affordable Touchscreen Moisture Analyzer comes is simple & easy to use. Use this halogen lamp powered moisture balance for samples that require greater than 1% moisture readability. Do Not Use for Samples Less Than 1%. It is also easy to calibrate (external).

Capacity: 50 g

Resolution: 0.01 g

Readability: 0.1 % Moisture | Results Between: 1 - 99% Moisture/Solid

Pan Size: 3.5 inches | 90 mm ø

Temperature Range: 50 - 180°C

GLP Compliant | RS-232 Port Connectivity

Units of Measure: %Moisture | %Solids | Grams (g)

Includes Manufacturer One (1) Year Warranty