Precisa Executive Pro EM 120-HR Moisture Analyzer


SKU: EM 120 HR

The Precisa moisture analyzer is perfect for environmental science, quality control, food and beverage companies, chemical, or pharmaceuticals laboratories. The Executive Pro Moisture Balance brings fast and optimal moisture analysis which in turn, gives you the flexibility and accuracy you need for moisture determination. The EM120 HR combines state-of-the-art heating technology with its industrial design to deliver a quicker, more precise method of moisture analysis.

Capacity: 124 g

Resolution: 0.0001 g | 0.1 mg

Readability: 0.001 % Moisture

Pan Size: 3.54 inches ø

Units of Measure: %Moisture | %Solids | % Regain | Grams (g)

Includes Manufacturer Two (2) Year Warranty