Radwag PM60.3Y Moisture Analyzer


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The Radwag PM 60.3Y Moisture Balance is a highly accurate instrument for measuring moisture content in more complex applications with a readout of 0.0001% that not many other scale manufacturers can afford to display at Radwag's price. The Radwag moisture analyzer is equipped with a graphic display presentation of drying results. The scale is capable of holding one thousand (1000) records for each data type. The Radwag PM.3Y moisture analyzer series are laboratory measuring instruments designed to determine relative moisture content in samples of various substances. PM 3Y features a 5.7" LCD color touchscreen display for easy navigation and a detailed presentation of your test results. The PM60.3Y moisture analyzer is equipped with extended databases that containing drying profiles, user profiles, and chart results for drying processes. Lastly, the USB (Universal Series Bus) ports can be utilized for printing, importing, exporting of data and graphic charts.

Moisture Readability: 0.0001%

Capacity: 60 g

Readability: 0.0001g (0.1 mg)

Pan Size: ø 90mm

Moisture Analyzer Drying Profiles: standard, mild, step, quick - finish

Scale Display Charts: Δm  %M, %D, %R,

Includes Manufacturer Three (3) Year Warranty