Balance Buying Guide

Balance Buying Guide



Balance Buying Guide


When shopping for a balance, or a series of balances for your specific application(s) there are a few key features to consider.  Once you have the correct balance you need to take proper care of it by calibrating it regularly and keeping it clean.  In return your balance will reward you with many years of accurate operation. 

Things to Consider


What’s the weighing range of your specific application or whats the heaviest typical load you will be measuring?  You may also need to consider the weight of a pan or some other container to hold what you're weighing.


You can think of this as how precise the balance is.  Standard classifications include Precision, Analytical, Micro and Ultra-Micro Balances.  This aspect loosely determines the price of the balance.   Consider how precise your applications needs are.

                -Precision Balances: From 1 gram down to 1 milligram readability.

                 -Analytical Balances: Starting from 1 milligram down to 0.01 milligram (0.00001 g) readability.

                 -Semi-Micro Balances: Readability of 0.01 milligram (0.00001 g).

                 -Micro Balances: Readability of 1.0 microgram (0.000001 g).


Legal Standards

Does your application involve selling a product by weight?  If so you may need a Legal for Trade certified balance or scale.  A NTEP Certification ensures the balance meets or exceeds the requirements needed for your industry and or application.



Where will the scale be used?  Will it be in a fixed location or does it need to be portable, or both?  Most high end scales have an AC adapter that you plug into the wall.  Some run exclusively on batteries and some do both.  Also to ensure an accurate measurement make sure the balance is on a stable surface free of vibrations and airflow drafts. The more precise the balance the more important this tends to be, so very important for Analytical, Micro and especially Ultra-Micro Balances.


Other Options

Is there an extra feature you need for your balance?

                 -Auto Calibration

                 -Dual and Multi-range readability

                 -Connect to a printer, computer, or indicator

                 -Water proof (IP classification)

                 -Draft shield for more accurate measurements


If a video is more your speed, then check out this informative video from Lab Manager and Ohaus.

Also if you’d like to read more about the technical terms we used here and more check out this in depth article by Mettler Toledo.


Still unsure which balance is right for you? Give us a call (818)-533-8948 or send a request for info to We offer industry leading manufacturers at below MAP pricing and have a great team ready to help you with your needs.

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