Tips For Buying a Precision Balance

Tips For Buying a Precision Balance

Precision balances come equipped with some of the best features and capabilities in the scale industry. Precision balances are well suited for laboratories, manufacturer assembly, and production operations.  Precision scales are best utilized for high-precision weighing to achieve accurate results. Some companies will claim their scales are “precision balances”, but precision balances are those with a readability of 0.001 grams (g). Many balance manufacturers offer data output and tracking capabilities with their scales to allow for system integration on various platforms. If you are one of those end-users who are interested in connecting your precision balance to a computer, laptop, printer, etc. Please consult with your local scale representative to ensure the scale you purchase will in fact work with your intended application. Many times, end-users will purchase precision scales (with good intention) and unfortunately when the balance arrives it is unable to connect to their computer. With that being said, most scales offer a RS-232 or USB ports at a bare minimum so please do check one of these standard interfaces come equipped with your scale. Ultimately, if you want to avoid that hassle and headache do yourself a favor and ensure the connectivity of the scale and your equipment with your scale supplier. Precision balances by various manufactures such as Adam Equipment offer simple and effective features like allowing fingerprints and spills to be wiped off easily. Other more advanced features include touchscreen capability, heavy-capacity loading, and draft shields to minimize fluctuations in readings. Another tip when shopping for a precision balance is to ensure the power source of the scale. In some instances, customers receive their scale and are not content with the power source of the unit. Most scales come standard with an AC Adapter but the scale-user must always ensure this is true, because sometimes balances are designed to be powered by dry cell batteries. The final tip when buying a precision scale is to ensure you review all of the accessories available. Some of the accessories available for purchase can make your usage of the scale significantly easier. Way Up Scales has highlighted the top five (5) best accessories you may find useful for your precision balance weighing application:

  1. Draft Shield (Improves the quality of your weighing results)
  2. Anti-Vibration Table (Minimizes vibration during scale operation)
  3. Density Kit (Measures the density of liquids or solids)
  4. Security Lock Cable (Prevents equipment loss or theft)
  5. Dust Cover (Prevents dust buildup)


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